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Who Are We?

Not just another résumé service. At Cornerstone we place a large focus on satisfying the professional clientele. CP has been in business for 4-1/2 years and serves clients worldwide. We have established a strong base in Toronto, Ontario, but many of our customers are expatriates working throughout the world. We also serve professionals who are moving to North America and require an expert résumé

We are not a $40.00 dollar résumé service producing list résumés. These types of résumés have a place in the résumés service industry, they tend to work very well for those who are not seeking a career or trade, however when you are seeking a Strategically Designed Résumé, one should pay close attention to the input and output factor. A strategic résumé should take anywhere from 2-1/2 hours to 4 hours and only require 45-60 minutes of the clients time. Do not be fooled by companies offering low cost résumés that are produced too quickly. These list résumé usually take up to 45 minutes or less to prepare in total. The reason for these differences lies in the process, development and level of service. (More on Résumés)

What Makes Us So Unique?

What makes us so unique is our ability to deliver your résumé, and Curriculum Vitae, anywhere in North America, Europe, Middle East, the Caribbean and more. All finished in North America comes with a 1.44 floppy disk, Job Search Kit, Interview Kit, and 12 Copies of the finished work.

Our Service Guarantee

CP provides 2 guarantees to our client worldwide.

3-month guarantee: Ensures all clients that the service they receive will be insured for up to 3 months. Should you find a discrepancy in our work, CP will correct and reship to the same destination at no charge.

Guaranteed Increase Response:This ensures our customers that their new résumé, or curriculum vitae will give them increase responses, when coupled with the job search kit. Please note this is subject to rules and conditions.


International clients receive their résumés through a 3-part system. Cornerstone Professionals will fax your résumé to you, followed by E-mail. This ensures you that the format and content is correct. Two original copies of your résumé will also be mailed to international clients.

The cost of this service is $150.00. There is no tax, no charges for cover letters, and no charge for delivery. Executive Résumés are $225.00.

Note: all fees for finished work is refundable in full, should Cornerstone find you suitable employment.

Tips On Choosing The Right Service

The prices charged for list résumés tends to establish a particular type of service. These companies as mentioned do serve a purpose, but not for the professional. The problem begins when a potential client calls. Many of these companies will accept any caller as a client even if they know they are playing out of their league. They will still attempt to interview and develop a résumé for a Chemical Engineer, IT, MIS, Project Managers, Marketing Directors, Accountant, Executive Chef …etc.

In general these services tend to have limited time to spend on these types of clients.

The interview process for a strategic résumé is based on the interviewer listening to the client and then extracting more information that the client might have failed to tell. Further more you need to understand what the client is trying to achieve in their employment search. It is possible that a manager might not want to get back into management, therefore the résumé would highlight other areas and would be designed with this in mind. At no time should the format be mentioned during the interview. This is decided at the end.
The interviewer should have a diverse enough understanding to be able to interview people from various fields.
List résumé services design résumés based on the clients input. While this might appear to be an interview, it's not. Anyone can be a résumé writer based on these simple questions. "What's your name and address? Your phone number? Please give me your education and work history from present to last. What are some of your Technical Skills? Please describe yourself for a profile. What is your objective?

I'm sure you can see the fault in this if you are a professional going for an important job.

The Strategic Résumé Approach

Our approach to developing a strategic résumé is one used by many professional services. We have simply improved upon these methods and added some of our own unique approaches. There are two ways to develop your résumé at Cornerstone.

Résumé By Phone. This requires a 45-60 minute interview. A qualified consultant will take your call. All consultants are hired based on possessing diverse skill sets and education, i.e. accounting, chemical, culinary, marketing, etc.

Our business was founded on this innovative approach and has made us quite successful and well known within the industry.

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