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We are here to offer anyone, in any community the help they need, whether a company seeks web-design, custom programs or computer services, or an artist requires an agent, production, revision or distribution. From corporations to bands, the average joe to unemployed photographers and writers, we're here to help everyone. All our services are categorized, and some may pertain to more than one individual, please take a look at them all.

We would love to help everyone do everything, so if you have need of a service in the design, production or music category, that we haven't thought of, or would like to start a small service, let us know.

Currently we are seeking more artists, and are arranging a show for the 19th of December, with "Random Killing" from Toronto, we have openings for 2 bands, perferably in the Durham area, but may accept one more out of town.

If any artists, bands or other wise would like exposure or distribution of their material, we will readily set that service in progress and showcase it on our page. We'll also post public dates. However, should no-one take advantage of a Free service, we won't hold it.

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