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"Thou hast nor youth nor age
But as it were an after dinner sleep
Dreaming of both."

Gerontion ~ T.S. Eliot

   The powerful verse of Eliot not only reminds us of his immortal works as a poet, but also touch upon a problem which has developed since Eliot's time into a dilemma for modern society. This problem was eloquently noted by Eliot after the First Great War, which became known as the lost generation. A generation of people lacking purpose and meaning.

   Today people the world over, particularly in North America, find themselves in the curse if you will of this generation. The progressed lull of the lost generation's lack of purpose. Indeed it seems today that there is no purpose or meaning. We suddenly find ourselves in the middle of time, remembering our youth and awaiting old age. It is at this point that many are lulled into a comfortable sleep. So why disturb such a comfortable sleep? Because it is also a numbing sleep which erodes the dreams of youth and prepares us for what we are expected to accept as the responsibilities of age.

   It's apparent how such circumstances can embrace us. We are taught that we are to receive our job and raise our families, but we are also taught to stop there. Our jobs, while providing for our needs, wear us down and slowly drains our inspiration and drive. Soon the television occupies our free time. This is the threat that we are all faced with, and not enough of us find a way to escape it.

   Our question is now, why must we stop here? Can we not continue to grow and see our dreams reached, and possibly spawn new goals? Before going into detail about this, we find it productive to discuss the inevitable question of superiority. Superiority is a design and tool that is barbaric in nature. Too feel the need to be superior only makes apparent one's insecurities. The true and liberated free-thinker has no need superiority. They feel validated knowing that they are always progressing at their own speed, the hope in this not only to better one's self, but to set an example for others. There is no need for superiority since the dream of such people is to see everyone in a constant state of evolution.

   Yes, to explain the point effectively we must look to the theory of evolution. Natural selection was, as we all know, a process that change a species, possibly increasing its chances of survival. So this was necessary for animals, and while we do possess animal instincts, we can take the process into our own hands. Indeed, we find ourselves on the verge of an evolution revolution.

   We find ourselves in a position where technology and intellect can merge. Where we can explore this technology along with literature and the arts and put ourselves in a position where we are constantly bettering ourselves. I'm not inferring that we all need to quit our jobs. But we can make use of our time in order to progress ourselves. The rewards of this are immediately apparent. When we not only feel better about ourselves, but also realize that we never reach a peak, but instead become who we want by constantly climbing.

   What do we want? A fair question, that we ourselves would have asked by now. We want people to realize and make use of their ever changing gifts and abilities. We want people to bring these skills together to build something grand. Simply put, we want to assist in making a world where a constant state of learning and experience are embraced by the population. We have nothing for sale to the public. We only offer assistance, and new ways to grow at a stage in human existence where the meaning of life is found by the individuals growth and inner search.

Will you sit and dream, or dare to join us in reaching for more?

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