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News and Updates

  • All your midterms have been marked! Check the marks page for your marks.
  • (30/10/00) Your Mid Term Test will be returned and taken up this week in tutorial. We hope that you did well, but if you failed badly you should probably talk with either me or Cathy about your chances of succeeding in this course. The last day to drop fall courses without academic penalty is Sunday, 5 November.
  • (25/10/00) Reminder - the Mid Term Test is this Saturday, 28 October, 9:30-10:45 a.m. Click here for room assignments. The test is closed book; no aids, no calculators allowed. Please arrive on time and bring your student card.
  • (23/10/00) Mid Term Test room assignments have been posted on the main page. Please read these carefully - you must go to your assigned room.
  • (19/10/00) Assignment 2 will be posted early next week. Don't worry, you'll still get approximately two weeks to complete the assignment; the due-date schedule given in the information booklet was tentative only.
  • (19/10/00) Another good source of review problems for A06 exams is the The Java Workbook, available from Pat Woodcock in room S-631. (Many of you have already purchased this.)
  • (19/10/00) There will be no quiz next week. Your TA will help you prepare for the mid term by going over some questions on previous tests. See the tutorial materials page (Week of 23 Oct) for a couple of links to sites posting previous A06 tests.
  • (16/10/00) You'll find this week's quiz (quiz #5) quite challenging, to say the least. Don't be discouraged if you can't successfully trace the entire program. We expect many students will have difficulty with this one.
  • (16/10/00) Reminder - Assignment 1 is due tomorrow at 1 p.m. Be sure to fill out and attach the cover sheet and submit your assignment in the A06 drop box corresponding to your tutorial section. Also, don't forget to include your diskette with your submission this time; your TA may need to run your code when marking your assignment.
  • (14/10/00) A few of you have tried my alternative method of capturing Code Warrior output, and it appears to work. I've added a couple of paragraphs to the page that you may find useful. Click here for details.
  • (12/10/00) See the assignment materials page for another way of capturing Code Warrior output that (hopefully) will work with Windows 98 and 95, as well as with NT.
  • (11/10/00) The A1 Erratum and Addendum page has been updated (just a couple of clarifications).
  • (07/10/00) Dan's office hour has been changed to Tuesdays 1:30-2:30 (formerly Tuesdays 2:30-3:30).
  • (05/10/00) Monday is Thanksgiving; the University is closed. Those of you in Monday's tutorial (TUT0012), please go to another tutorial (preferably one of TUT0013, 14, 15, or 16) and tell the TA that you are in Luke's tutorial. He or she will forward your quiz to Luke.
  • (03/10/00) More slides have been posted on the lecture materials page. Note that we are not quite keeping pace with the original schedule. Don't worry. The original schedule was an estimate only. We'll do our best to ensure that material covered in assignments, quizzes, and the mid term is based on the attained schedule, and not the estimated one.
  • (29/09/00) A parameter is missing in both Dog class constructors given on page 3 of A1. Click here for details.
  • (28/09/00) Assignment 1 is now available. See the assignment materials page for details. Since this assignment is a bit ruffer than the previous one, we've extended its due date to October 17.
  • (25/09/00) Reminder - Assignment 0 is due tomorrow at 1 p.m. Be sure to fill out and attach the cover sheet and submit your assignment in the A06 drop box corresponding to your tutorial section. The drop boxes are located oustide of room S-631 on the 6-th floor of the S-Wing.
  • (25/09/00) The TA office hours for Shehla and David have changed. Click here for the updated schedule or look under Other general information on the main page.
  • (21/09/00) You may not modify the Word class in any way when writing your program for Part 3 of Assignment 0.
  • (21/09/00) Java cannot handle directory paths that contain # signs. Do not use names like assign#0 in your project directory path.
  • (19/09/00) See the assignment materials page for instructions on how to print the contents of the Code Warrior output window.
  • (16/09/00) The agenda for next week's tutorials is posted on the tutorial materials page.
  • (15/09/00) Your TA's office hours start next week. Click here for the schedule or look under Other general information on the main page.
  • (14/09/00) Quizzes start next week in tutorial. The first quiz will cover yesterday's lecture and part of this coming Monday's lecture (Sept. 18). Normally, you will be quizzed on the previous week's lecture material only.
  • (14/09/00) As some of you have pointed out, there is a problem with NetScape on the R-Wing computers. If you cannot view a PostScript file in NetScape by clicking on it, download it first and then view the downloaded copy. Full instructions are posted on the bulletin board across from B-471. CC staff have been informed of this problem.
  • (12/09/00) is now available.
  • (11/09/00) Click here for an electronic copy of Assignment 0. Paper copy will be distributed later this week.
  • (04/09/00) Tutorials start the first week of classes (Sept 11-15). In your first tutorial you will be given a tour of the computing labs and a short demo on some of the software you'll be using in this course.
  • (04/09/00) Welcome to CSC A06, Fall 2000!

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