• Our wranglers are professional animal handlers, trained for the film, television and commercial photography.
  • ZEBRAS - Sassy starred in the MacGyver series B.C., & Samantha in the series MIGHTY JUNGLE 1994.
  • LLAMAS - featuring 'Tony the Kissing Llama' star of the Dini Petty show and promo spots.  This is the llama who kissed the Duchess of York!
  • CAMELS - 'Ernie' commercial for "QUEBEC LOTTO" S.W.A.T. FILMS 1997.
  • DONKEY - Molson commercial for "Molson Rocks" SPY FILMS April 1998.
  • SKUNKS - "DIRTY WORK" feature film M.G.M. 1998.
  • POT-BELLIED PIGS - Bacon Bits commercial for "General Mills & Dairy Queen" (Videogenic) May of 1998.  Little John has starred in the film "MARY'S GARDEN".
  • PENGUINS - commercial for "SUPERIOR PROPANE" (White Iron Film), AB. Filmed in Halifax NS 1997.
  • MONKEY - "IN HIS FATHERS SHOES" film 1997 (Temple Street Productions).  Won the Emmy Award for Best Children's Special (May 1998).
  • ELEPHANT - Sears Canada Inc. June of 1997.
  • DEER - "JERRY & TOM film 1998.
  • DOGS - "HEAVEN BEFORE I DIE" 1996. (Brother In Arms).
  • BUDGIE - "IN HIS FATHERS SHOES" film 1997 (Temple Street Productions).
  • RANCH LOCATION - in the rolling hills of north OSHAWA.  A pond cedar bush & the peace of a dead end road is yours for a 45 - 60 minute drive from downtown Toronto or The Toronto Airport.
  • REGULAR PIGS - All sizes and different colors. One of our piglets was used for the promotion of the video release of "BABE" by Universal and the film, "HEAVEN BEFORE I DIE" 1996.
  • MISC. - Royal Yaks, Scottish 4 Horned Sheep, African Pygmy Goats, EMU's, Poultry, Pigeons, Texas Long Horns, Horses, Ponies, and other specialty animals are already in our inventory.
  • We will arrange all transportation, Department Of Agriculture permits and animal health and welfare needs.  Our animal health and disease control program, dating back more than 26 years, has set many of the standards now used by Agriculture Canada.  We regularly work with Human Society groups to help set the highest animal welfare standards.

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